A Broder Baby!

Our “introducing…” series of blogs has been put on hold for this month to make way for some fantastic news…

We have been very excited over the last few weeks after finding out that Maria, our assistant accountant is due to have a baby! Five months along Maria made sure to be certain before letting us know, and after a peculiar prediction from a fortune teller, and a confirmed scan at the doctors Maria has revealed that she will be expecting a girl this winter! Congratulations Maria!

Maria on a night outThe announcement made quite a stir in the office, and true to form Mike has been sure to stop any baby talk in its tracks, with CC monopolising on this and introducing an immediate £1 fine for every mention of the “b-word”. All proceeds have gone to CC’s beloved new bench (not Maria’s daughter’s college fund!) making CC almost as happy as Maria.

We have had lots of fun on the way, with Sam managing to trip himself up several times in attempt to catch the team out, so far contributing the largest amount of all. With just over four months to go, there’s big plans for the fine money- a gazebo, outside heater and everything short of an amusement park has been mentioned (baby proofed of course). Hopefully there’s some hidden in there for Maria’s baby gifts too…

Joking aside we wish Maria every luck in starting her family and introducing a new baby into the world. Congrats Maria!

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