Broder’s transition to ISO 9001:2015!

After several sleepless nights and a large amount of effort from Richard and Tarrick, Broder Metals Group has finished its documentation and been recommended to move from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

The painstaking process has been underway for several months and started when Richard, Mike and Mark meticulously reviewed our current operations, from Staff Training to our Material Receipts. As the ISO 9001: 2015 uses a new standardised structure, many of our well-crafted existing documents needed tweaking or changing completely, much to the dismay of Mike who originally produced these. Thankfully, as Group Accountant and family member Richard has picked up his organisation acumen and was willing (we think!) to take the lead in bringing the new ISO manual together.

The manual itself is a lengthy document- twenty-four pages of procedure guidelines and improvement principles, so the main issue was getting the team to read it! Thankfully Mike’s encouraging and not at all intimidating persuasion tactics came in hand and everyone gave their input.

Although Broder Metals Group have always kept a system in place to best serve our customers, it’s great to have this continually noticed, with our TUV auditor recognising the big effort put in by the team. With no non-conformances to report, Richard is able to get back in the garden and Tarrick is returning to what he does best, losing football games!

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