Introducing… Chloe Smith

Chloe is our youngest and most recent addition to the Broder family, starting her apprenticeship in February at seventeen. Since joining Chloe has very quickly got stuck in, adopting a sales based admin role, getting orders out to our suppliers and customer base.

Outside of Broder Chloe is just as busy; with a supervisory position at McDonalds Chloe spends many of her evenings there during the week, and gives away hours of her precious weekend there too. Her hard work as all been for a good cause however; last week she celebrated her eighteenth birthday, managing an impressive week-long trip in Aiya Napa.

Naturally since finding out where Chloe was planning her holidays we have been anticipating her safe return, and are happy to have her back, all in one piece! More stories please and welcome back, Chloe.

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