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After a brilliant start to April in terms of contribution to industry news, we have selected our top picks, spanning across automotive, manufacturing, oil and steel news.


UK commits £200million to testing facilities for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Self Driving Car

The Manufacturer reports on the UK’s investment to become world leaders in driver less vehicles, in a quicker time period than you might expect.

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Scotland’s growing oil market is hit with a potential £200 million annual Brexit Bill.

Falklands Oil

Oil and Gas people investigates an Aberdeen University thinktank to look at likely increased tariffs on oil and gas export services.

Find out now how Scotland and the UK’s oil revenue will be hit in this article. 




They don’t make em like that anymore

Ford Assembly LineThe Economist serves up the truth behind why manufacturing jobs for unskilled workers will not ever fully return to the UK – and the new engineering roles to replace them.

Look at the likeliest trends in manufacturing recuitment here.





Next generation Steel and Metal Alloys led by University of QueenslandSteel Bridge

The university’s most recent project could overcome hydrogen alloy embrittlement in metal, securing future engineering and building projects.

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