Manufacturers losing thousands due to poor order placements

Manufacturers in the metal fastener and associated industries could be costing themselves thousands of pounds a year in lost time and productivity by not providing all the appropriate information when placing an order for raw materials.

Sheffield based international metals stockist and supplier, Broder Metals Group, has carried out an analysis of missing information on orders it has taken and has concluded that customers could save themselves thousands of pounds by ensuring compete details are provided when placing an order.

UK Sales Team Manager at Broder Metals Group, Richard Learad says the results of the analysis surprised everyone at the company.

“We looked through a number of orders taken in the last year and realised that we had spent extra time going back to the client asking for essential information that we need in order to source and supply materials. Sometimes it’s really simple things like the size, shape and quantity involved but on others it can be vitally important technical details. This all takes time at our end which can impact on our stated aim of a quick response to quoting, order processing and delivery. More importantly, it can mean the customer delays work on the next order it has to fulfil, which is not good news and impacts on the bottom line,” says Richard.

Broder Metals Group is committed to same or next day delivery of materials ordered, which is why it carried out the research, so it can pass on information to customers.

“Sometimes it’s a simple oversight that can be sorted quickly but if the technical details such as the GE specifications are not correct or incomplete it can cause real problems. For instance, many GE specifications cover a range of properties required, and the reference number determines which properties we have to supply against. We may be given a specification for an order such as VGS.5.540.1 Revision 1, but there are up to 220 different combinations of tensile and test requirements that are indicated by a set of numbers that follow this specification; for example VGS.5.540.0 Rev 11 – 21. Without the complete code we run the risk of supplying inappropriate material that can then cause problems for the end user. The same applies for the condition and chemistry of the metals we supply to fastener industry manufacturers. We cannot quote against incomplete order information and the time we spend obtaining the details means lost productivity for customers which is always costly,” says Richard.

Managing Director of Broder Metals Group, Mark Burton, says the company is taking steps to address the problem in order to speed up the delivery process and save customers money. “We have created a new Processing Unit that spans all aspect of the company from order taking to sourcing to dispatching from the warehouse. The aim is to ensure that everyone in the company has all the knowledge they need to ensure we meet our commitment to same or next day delivery and order details will form a key part of that process,” says Mark.

Broder Metals Group is a leading supplier of nickel alloys, high tensile stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, flanges and fittings to fastener manufacturers. The company employs 21 people at its head office in Ecclesfield, Sheffield from where it dispatches orders to customers located in 42 different countries.


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