Product Range

We have three main categories of products we offer:

1. Bar – both round and hexagon according to the grade
2. Forgings, flanges, tube, plate and similar pipework products
3. Material sourcing – for those grades, specifications or sizes we do not have in stock, we offer our service to source, or convert standard material to, exactly what you need.

Please also remember we have metal conversions and calculators on our conversions calculator page.

If you would like to keep a stocklist for your future reference, download our product catalogue here.

Forgings, flanges, tube, plate and similar pipework products

Forgings, flanges, tube, plate and similar pipework products

We are not the source for standard, off-the-shelf products in standard, off-the-shelf material grades. However, if your application, fabrication or vessel design needs hard to source material, to meet demanding specifications, or is of non-standard sizes or pressure ratings, then we are the source you need to talk to. Also, if you require material tested and certified, under Lloyds witness of testing or to meet Indian Boiler Regulations? You need the process to be handled with knowledge, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively – all keywords for the service we provide.

Forgings Learn More

Flanges Learn More

Pipe and Pipework Fittings Learn More

Sheet & Plate Profiles Learn More

Nickel Alloy & Stainless Steel

Nickel Alloy & Stainless Steel

The term Nickel Alloys covers a range of materials where nickel is added to high chromium stainless steel to create a class of corrosion and heat resistant steels where the tendency of nickel to form austenite is responsible for toughness and high strength at both high and low temperatures. Nickel also improves resistance to oxidation and corrosion. It increases toughness at low temperatures when added in smaller amounts to alloy steels. Nickel and nickel alloys are used for a wide variety of applications, including aircraft, gas and steam turbines, medical applications, nuclear power systems, and of most interest to Broder Metals Group, fastener manufacturers and specialist machinists serving the oil, chemical and petrochemical industries. Products stocked include:

Alloy 400 / UNS N04400 Learn More

C276 – Corrosion Resistant Metal Learn More

MP35N™ – High Strength Corrosion Resistant Metal Learn More

Alloy 286 / 660 Bar Learn More

Alloy 625 Bar Learn More

Alloy 718 Bar Learn More

Alloy K500 Bar Learn More

Alloy 20 – Corrosion Resistant Alloy Learn More

17-4 PH Bar Learn More

Alloy 825 Bar Learn More

Cold Drawn Stainless Fastener Steel

Cold Drawn Stainless Fastener Steel

Stainless Steel cold drawn to give high tensile properties to help our group oil & gas industry fastener customers meet the requirements of the A2- and A4- range and / or the B8 and B8M range of fasteners. Our material is produced with the intent to satisfy the following major industry standards and end customer specifications, such as:

BSEN ISO 3506-1 -

A2-80 Learn More

A4-80 Learn More

ASTM A193/A193M-11

B8 Class 2 Learn More

B8M Class 2 Learn More

AKER Global Spec (10000900645)

FMC's M30207 REV G and M30208 REV G.

High Temperature Bolting Steel

High Temperature Bolting Steel

Servicing both fastener manufacturers and major players in the power generating industry in the UK and world-wide, we offer the two major grades for high temperature bolting and turbine applications.

Alloy 286 / 660 Bar Learn More

Alloy T41 Bar Learn More

Copper Based Special Bar

Copper Based Special Bar

We stock a range of industry standard specifications as well as more specialised product for more demanding applications.

Standard products include:

CA104 Bar Learn More

C70600 Bar Learn More

C63000 Bar Learn More

NES833 Bar Learn More

Our specialty products include:

Our BroderNab range of C63200 to
TQ-50 Temper (for specialist valve applications)

High Strength Copper Nickel: B7 Bolting Material Learn More

A refined CW112C (for specialist bearing applications)

Duplex / Super-Duplex

Duplex / Super-Duplex

Duplex stainless steels are about twice as strong as regular austenitic or ferritic stainless steels, have significantly better toughness and ductility than ferritic grades (although they do not reach the values of austenitic grades), have a range of corrosion resistance comparable to the range for austenitic stainless steels, have very good stress corrosion cracking resistance, and Duplex steels are cost-effective in a number of ways.

F44 Learn More

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Because of its strength and light weight, titanium is used in metallic alloys and as a substitute for aluminium. Alloyed with aluminium and vanadium, titanium is used in aircraft and is also widely used in missiles and space capsules. Titanium has many uses in the aircraft industry, for jewellery, paint (Titanium paint is an excellent reflector of infrared radiation and is used extensively in solar observatories to reduce heat levels to improve viewing quality), cathodic protection and medical.

Titanium Grade 5 / UNS R56400 / TI 6AL 4V Learn More

Titanium Grade 2 - UNS R50400 Learn More

Metal Sourcing and Processing

Metal Sourcing and Processing

Enjoy a trusted Metal Sourcing and Processing Service with Broder Metals Group.  Both the Bar and Forgings sides our business pride themselves on our industry and technical knowledge in material sourcing and quality processing. The principle is simple - if you need it and we do not have it, we will source it. We will meet your exact requirements and material properties, whether this is to find material, change its shape or to alter existing properties via further testing / processing.

Metal Processing and Testing Learn More

Metal Sourcing Service Learn More