A286 – Corrosion resistant metal at temperatures up to 700°C

Alloy 286/A286, also known as 660, is a high temperature steel bolting grade, used for fasteners and component parts within the marine, power and aerospace industry.A286/660

A286 Specifications and Stock

Broder Metals Group supply air melt material to ASTM A453 GR 660 (High Temperature Bolting) and UNS S66286.

Our product conforms to the Alloy 660 grade D specification (with a guaranteed yield strength minimum of 105,000 PSI), but with stress rupture tests carried out to also conform to 660 grade A. These provide a tensile strength of 895 MPa (minimum), 0.2% offset yield strength of 725 MPa (minimum), elongation of 15% and reduction of area of 18%.  Hardness is in the range 29-35 HRC.

Although best known for the above grades we also supply ASTM A453 GR 660 heat treated and tested to conform to grade B. This provides a tensile strength of 895 MPa (minimum), a lower 0.2 offset yield strength of 585 MPa  (minimum), elongation of 15% and reduction of area of 18%. Hardness is in the range 24-37 HRC. Stress rupture tests are performed on the material as standard.


Broder Metals Group stock the following A286 sizes:

Dimensions in milimetres (mm)
12.7mm 15.87mm 19.05mm 22.23mm 25.4mm
28.575mm 31.75mm 34.93mm 38.1mm 41.275mm
44.45mm 47.625mm 50.8mm 57.15mm 63.5 mm
69.85mm 76.2mm 88.9mm 101.6mm 127mm

However, we can also convert billet to customer specific sizes or to fill in gaps between mill deliveries.

Broder Metals provide A286 with our global same day quote / next day despatch service.  All of our metals are fully traceable for your confidence, with clear certification delivered electronically or sent with the material as requested.  For further information contact us or  download our A286 information sheet here.


Alloy 286 is used in offshore and marine applications,  and the aerospace industry for:

  • Fasteners
  • Turbines
  • Critical frames
  • Components for gas turbines
  • Aircraft components

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