Alloy T41 / 1.7729 / 20CrMoVTiB4-10

BMG-AT41® bar is as a reliable, creep resistant bolting material, developed as an alternative to Durehete™ 1055. It is known for its temperature strength and relaxation resistance to 570°C, becoming a growing choice within power generation plants.


BMG-AT41®  meets or exceeds the following industry standard specifications:


CEGB 0259604/82 (T41)

BS 1506 681-820

BS 4882 B16A

Siemens AG Spec TLV 9185 01

Siemens 221

BSEN 10269 1999 Material Number 1.7729

Durehete™ 1055  *

as well as several proprietary end user specifications which we have been asked to keep confidential.


BMG-AT41® has been used directly, or approved for:







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BMG-AT41® Applications

BMG-AT41 is specifically designed for use in the power generation industry, within coal power stations, nuclearbiomass projects and power generation plants globally.

End uses:

  • Fasteners
  • Boiler support rods
  • Turbine studs

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BMG-AT41® was developed by PRD Fasteners in the mid 2000’s as an alternative to Alloy T41/ Durehete™ 1055 due to unpredictability of supply. Orginally known in 2007 as PRD AT41, ON Power Technology were asked to research the metallographic properties, chemical analysis and hardness of PRD AT41 in depth, and the final report (PT/07/LH979/R), dated September 2007, concluded that the material should be accepted as suitable for use for the manufacture of high temperature fasteners, and listed PRD AT41 as a Group 6 material in TECH/PROC/014 Part 1 Issue 2.1 March 2004 (Tech Proc for replacement of high temperature fasteners). In developing and seeking end user approval for the material, significant testing and additional specification requirements were built into the PRD Fasteners product, beyond those of Durehete 1055.

  • Durehete is a trademark of United Engineering Steels Ltd under number UK00000520358