C63000 Aluminium Bronze

C63000 Aluminium Bronze is a readily machinable, high strength material widely used for valves and fasteners in marine and industrial markets.

C63000 long bar

C63000 Aluminium Bronze Specifications

Broder Metals Group supply C63000 Aluminium Bronze bar material with the intent of meeting the following relevant classes and specifications on the final product:

ASTM B150 C63000 HR50,

UNS C63000.
Broder Metals provide C63000 with our global same day quote, next day dispatch service.  All of our metals are fully traceable for your confidence, with clear certification delivered electronically or sent with the material as requested.  For further information contact us or download our information sheet here.


Because of C63000’s characteristics of hardness, corrosion resistance and toughness it is used in many heavy industrial applications and marine environments, alongside the aerospace market. Ease of fabrication allows products such as:

  • heat exchanger flanges
  • faucets
  • valve components
  • hydraulic bushings for construction equipment
  • aircraft parts
  • propellers
  • bolts and nuts
  • pump parts
  • condenser tube

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