Metal Sourcing Service

Time is a valuable commodity. Rather than use up your time to source that hard-to-locate grade or size, let us use our industry and technical knowledge – both for material sources and quality processors – on both our bar and forgings side to do this for you.

This applies even more if you need material to meet given specifications or require external witnessing, e.g. Lloyds, of external testing. Here our knowledge of material and metallurgy can save you time, money and potentially serious or embarrassing problems with your customers. Let us manage the process for you.

The range of metals and sizes we have sourced for customers over the years is truly exceptional – just a few examples are given below. Our approach is simple – if you need it and we do not have it, we will source it. This applies whether the service you need is to find material, change its shape or to alter its existing properties via further testing and processing.

Examples sourced in the past few months include:

  • 15/5PH, 17/4 PH, 304, 316, 321, 400, 410, 4130, 4140, 4142, 416, 420, 431, 440C, 60, 600, 725, 800H/HT, 904, 925, ALLOY 20, B2, B7, BS1387, BS2870, C22, C276, CA61400, C63000, C71500, C95800, CZ121, D5, DUREHETE 1055, F22, F44, F51, F55, JETHETE, N60, N90, NES833, NITRONIC 50, PN102, PH13-8MO, SW347, STELLITE 6

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