A summer trip for Broder


Here at Broder Metals Group we are a varied bunch. With sport participation ranging from Zumba and HIT training (CC, Chloe) to rock climbing and ballroom dancing (Richard Andrews) it can be hard to find an event that pleases everyone, unspoken football team rivalry aside. Mike however felt he had hit it on the head with the Scarborough Cricket Festival. A cheap, all day event which is basically sitting in the sun, drinking, and watching an easy to follow sport couldn’t be better, surely? How wrong.

As soon as Scarborough Cricket Festival was suggested as a summer event a wave of alternative ideas arose. There were suggestions to watch Rotherham (met poorly!), to avoid sports events completely and even to participate in Gaelic football. Soon this descended into complete chaos with the idea to attend an extreme inflatable obstacle course (CC!). A decision was made by Mike to keep to the original plan of Scarborough Cricket Match, regardless of attendees.

The sixth of August arrived and Broder employees scattered over various fixtures, Richard and Mike following the original plan and Sam and Mark choosing their own sporting events.

Mark, Richard and Mike all had a fantastic time following the cricket (Mark at the Old Trafford Test Match, Mike and Richard at Scarborough) whilst the rest of Broder remained neutral and spent their weekends elsewhere. Sam voluntarily drew the short straw, watching the Rotherham v Fleetwood away game, followed by a long and regretful journey home.

In short, over Christmas we have chosen to avoid sports, and stuck to Italian with a local performer.


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