Broder Aerospace

Broder Metals Group Ltd welcomes you to one of its subsidiaries – Broder Aerospace Ltd –

Broder Aerospace offers a range of Aerospace range bar stock, and through a series of innovative supply agreements, a wide and growing range of Ground Support Equipment and Aerospace & Industrial hoses.

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  1. Bar stock:


AMS5629 – 13-8PH solution annealed with H1000 capability results – 12.7mm-140mm dia

AMS 5629 – 15-5PH to condition A and H1025 – 9.5mm–152.4mm dia

AMD5643 – 17-4PH to condition A & H1025 – 9.5mm–254mm dia

AMS5645 – 321 stainless – 12.7mm–320mm dia

S80D – 19.05mm–127mm dia

AMS5646 – S130D – 12.7mm–139.7mm dia

AMS 5666 – Alloy 625 – 12.7mm–320mm dia

AMS 5662 – Alloy 718 solution annealed – 9.525mm–200mm dia

AMS5663 – Alloy 718 solution annealed and aged – 25.4mm–177.8mm dia

AMS5844 – UNS R30035 (MP35N™ / ATI 35N™) – 11.735mm– 50.8mm dia


We bring our customary speed of quoting and despatch to Broder Aerospace, but extend our knowledge of metals into these aerospace grades.


    1. Ground Support Equipment:

Broder Aerospace is the exclusive distributor of Thermacool™ GSE products in the UK, Belgium & The Netherlands region.

We can offer the following Thermacool™ products based upon NATO STOCK NUMBERS (NSN):

HELICOPTER HEATER – part GSE 1-3 – NSN : 1660-27-064-4605

GENERATOR – part AAP5500E – NSN : 6115-27-064-4604

HEATER – part GEC-40 – NSN : 4520-22-612-3632

FILTER HEATER – part 356000 – NSN : GSN

FUEL HEATER FILTER – part SP 430 M – NSN : 2910-27-024-5195

SPEED CONTROL DEVICE – part GMD – 002205 – NSN : 6130-27-064-4602

HEATER – part G200 – NSN : 4520-22-600-3506

HEATER SYSTEM TENT – part G200-350H – NSN :4520-01-500-1534


Plus, the following products:

Climate Management equipment, for example Military Camp Air Conditioning units, Mobile Hospital Air Conditioning systems and Mobile Heaters.

Ground Power Units (GPU) and Pre-Conditioned Air Systems (PCA) for both Commercial and Military Defence sectors (both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft support capability)

Pit Systems

The range we offer is expanding all the time – please check it out.


  1. Hoses:

We offer the Technoflex™ hose range below specifically designed for aerospace and defence requirements, with the following applicable NATO STOCK NUMBERS (NSN):

TECHNI CONNECT 01 FR – part 01-01-406FR – NSN : 4720-22-600-8882

TECHNI CONNECT 02 FR- part 02-01-102 FR – NSN : 4720-00-007-0422

TECHNI CONNECT  04 – part 04-01-203 – NSN : 4720-99-490-4589

High Performance Aaerospace Motorsport Materials

The full hose list available encompasses the Techni Connect range, Techni Neo range and Techni Sil range, as well as system connectors and installation accessories.

In addition to the above, our sister company, BMG Hoses ( carries the full range of industrial and other hoses.


To discuss our aerospace product range or to seek a quotation please telephone 0114 232 9243, email or use the quotation page.