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Your source for aluminium bronze, copper nickel, brass and other copper alloys.

Integrity Alloys are a division of Broder Metals Group, offering a range of aluminium bronze, copper and nickel alloy bar for valve, specialist bearing and marine engineering industries. Our commitment to quality and service is consistent across the group whether we are supplying small local machine shops or global companies.

 We supply all Integrity Alloys products to the Broder Metals Group standard of same day quotes, next day dispatch. Using our ISO 9001 accreditation we provide complete reliability of materials, sending clear documentation digitally or in the post on order.



C63200 TQ-50


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Def Stan-02-833 / NES833


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  • Same day quote, next day dispatch
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  • Global delivery
  • 3.1 certified materials
  • Ability to provide 3.2 testing
  • UK, US and European origin unless otherwise agreed

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