At Broder Metals Group, we’re always seeking new ways to expand our services for our customers, to increase options and ensure the timely delivery of urgent projects. That’s why we’re soon to receive a brand new Cosen C4 bandsaw from Harrison Saw & Tool.  This purchase complements our large diameter stock of 718 API and AMS 5663 / ASTM B637 which we have added to our product range this year.

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The Cosen C4 bandsaw

Manufactured by Dutch company Cosen, the C4 bandsaw delivers the smoothest feed, highest precision, and lowest friction guide system available, for speed, precision, and durability. With the Cosen C4, we’ll be able to increase the maximum bar diameter that we can cut to 460mm (from 340mm currently).

With the option to run the machine overnight for urgent cutting jobs, we’ll be able to increase our capacity significantly, delivering faster lead times for our customers and the ability to process larger orders in less time.

Part of the C-TECH series of bandsaws, the C4 features:

  • A rigid frame base for stability, increasing the smoothness and precision of feeding.
  • NC control system for automatic first cuts.
  • Programmable for 100 individual jobs.
  • Automatic servo-driven feeding and sawing bow feed.
  • Infinitely variable blade saw offering greater flexibility and variability.

Broder Metals Group: investing for the future

With our new Cosen C4 bandsaw, customers will be able to enjoy greater versatility and speed in our service, cementing our reputation for accuracy, flexibility and responsiveness. Please get in touch with one of our technical sales team to find out more.

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