Alloy 20

Alloy 20 UNS N08020 is a nickel alloy used in power generation, food processing and pharmaceutical applications for its resistance to sulfuric acid.

We supply to ASTM B473 N08020 A (annealed condition) and all our material is of European origin. Werkstoffe number is 2.4660.

Our stock range extends from 1/2” (25.4 mm) dia to 5” (127 mm) dia round bar.

Fully certified material, additional testing available.

UK, US and European origin unless otherwise stated.

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The material has superbly enhanced resistance to hot sulphuric and nitric acids compared to more readily available stainless grades like 316 / 316 L. Alloy 20 can also be used where the possibility of chloride stress corrosion cracking is of concern. However Alloy 20 retains the traditional stainless ability of relatively easy fabrication.

The above properties make Alloy 20 a popular choice for a wide variety of industrial applications, including in equipment used for chemical and food processing, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, solvents and explosives manufacture, and in particular in heat exchangers, mixing tanks, metal cleaning, process piping and pickling equipment. The alloy can be used up to an operating temperature of 530 degrees C.

Similar machining speeds and feeds are used as for 316, but Alloy 20 provides superior machined finishes over 316 stainless. The presence of niobium minimises precipitation of carbides in heat affected zones, facilitating welding. Cold working hardens the material.

Alloy 20 Chemical Properties

NiCrMoFeCuCb/Nb + TaMnSiPSC-
Min32.0019.002.00Bal3.008 x C%-----%

Alloy 20 Mechanical Data

Tensile Strength
Yield Strength (0.2% offset) minElongation in 2"
or 4D
Reduction in Area
KSI minMPa minKSI min MPa min% min %
80551 352413050

For more technical information download our Alloy 20 information sheet here


This alloy is a popular choice for a wide variety of industrial applications, including chemical and food processing, pharmaceuticals, solvents and explosives manufacture.

End uses include:

  • heat exchangers
  • mixing tanks
  • metal cleaning
  • process piping and pickling equipment
  • valves
  • manufacture of rubber and plastics
  • SO2 scrubbers

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