Alloy 286 / 660

A high temperature steel bolting grade, used for fasteners and component parts within the marine, power and aerospace industry.

  • ASTM A453 GR 660 (High Temperature Bolting) UNS S66286Tested and heat treated to conform to grades A, B and D

Fully certified material, additional testing available

UK, US and European origin unless otherwise stated

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Broder Metals Group supply air melt material to ASTM A453 GR 660 (High Temperature Bolting) and UNS S66286.​

Our product conforms to the Alloy 660 grade D specification (with a guaranteed yield strength minimum of 105,000 PSI), but with stress rupture tests carried out to also conform to 660 grade A. These provide a tensile strength of 895 MPa (minimum), 0.2% offset yield strength of 725 MPa (minimum), elongation of 15% and reduction of area of 18%. Hardness is in the range 29-35 HRC.​​

Although best known for the above grades we also supply ASTM A453 GR 660 heat treated and tested to conform to grade B. This provides a tensile strength of 895 MPa (minimum), a lower 0.2 offset yield strength of 585 MPa (minimum), elongation of 15% and reduction of area of 18%. Hardness is in the range 24-37 HRC. Stress rupture tests are performed on the material as standard.​

Alloy 286 Chemical Composition

Var+0.01+/-0.04+/-0.05+0.005+/-0.005+/-0.20+/-0.20+/-0.05+/-0.05+/-0.05+/-0.03-0.0004 +0.001

Alloy 286 Mechanical Properties

Grade 286/ 660 ClassHardening Treatment
Temp ° FTemp ° CHold forCooling Method
A and D*1325 +/-25720 +/-1416 hoursAir Cool
B1325 +/-25720 +/-1416 hoursAir Cool
C1425 +/-25
1200 +/-25
775 +/-14
650 +/-14
16 hours
16 hours
Air Cool
Air Cool

For more technical information download our Alloy 286 information sheet here


Alloy 286 is used in offshore and marine applications, and the aerospace industry for:​

  • Fasteners​
  • Turbines​
  • Critical frames​
  • Components for gas turbines​
  • Aircraft components

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