Alloy 286 / 660


A high temperature steel bolting grade, used for fasteners and component parts within the marine, power and aerospace industry.


    • ASTM A453 GR 660 (High Temperature Bolting) UNS S66286
    • Tested and heat treated to conform to grades A, B and D
    • Fully certified material, additional testing available
  • UK, US and European origin unless otherwise stated

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Broder Metals Group supply air melt material to ASTM A453 GR 660 (High Temperature Bolting) and UNS S66286.​

Our product conforms to the Alloy 660 grade D specification (with a guaranteed yield strength minimum of 105,000 PSI), but with stress rupture tests carried out to also conform to 660 grade A. These provide a tensile strength of 895 MPa (minimum), 0.2% offset yield strength of 725 MPa (minimum), elongation of 15% and reduction of area of 18%.  Hardness is in the range 29-35 HRC.​​

Although best known for the above grades we also supply ASTM A453 GR 660 heat treated and tested to conform to grade B. This provides a tensile strength of 895 MPa (minimum), a lower 0.2 offset yield strength of 585 MPa  (minimum), elongation of 15% and reduction of area of 18%. Hardness is in the range 24-37 HRC. Stress rupture tests are performed on the material as standard.​

Alloy 286 Mechanical Properties

Grade 286/ 660 ClassHardening Treatment
Temp ° FTemp ° CHold forCooling Method
A and D*1325 +/-25770 +/-1416 hoursAir Cool
B1325 +/-25770 +/-1416 hoursAir Cool
C1425 +/-25
1200 +/-25
775 +/-14
650 +/-14
16 hours
16 hours
Air Cool
Air Cool

Alloy 286 Chemical Composition


Var+0.01+/-0.04+/-0.05+0.005+/-0.20+/-0.05+/-0.05+/-0.05+/-0.05+/-0.05+/-0.03-0.0004 +0.001

For more technical information download our Alloy 286 information sheet here


Alloy 286 is used in offshore and marine applications,  and the aerospace industry for:​

  • Fasteners​
  • Turbines​
  • Critical frames​
  • Components for gas turbines​
  • Aircraft components

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