Alloy 400

A nickel-copper alloy that is resistant to sea water and steam at elevated temperatures, used widely for valves, fasteners and marine engineering.

  • BS 3076 NA13
  • ASTM B164 N04400
  • ASTM B164 N04405
  • QQ-N-281

Fully certified material, additional testing available.

UK, US and European origin unless otherwise stated.

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Broder Metals Group stock Alloy 400 in sizes 12.7mm dia to 250mm, however we are able to provide additional sizes with quick lead times on request.

Alloy 400 Chemical Composition

CSiMnSNiCuFeAi% - 70.028.0 -

Alloy 400 Mechanical Data

ConditionYield Strength 0.2% offset Tensile StrengthElongationElastic Modulus (E)
-PsiMpaPsiMpa% in 2"PsiGpa
Annealed35000240750005204526 x 10^6180
Hot rolled as rolled45000310800005503026 x 10^6180

For more technical information download our Alloy 400 information sheet here


Alloy 400 is widely used within the chemical proccessing, oil and gas and marine industry. End uses include:

  • Chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Propeller shafts
  • Oil and fresh water tanks
  • Fittings
  • Fasteners
  • Heat exchangers

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Broder Metals Group Certified To AS9120