718 AMS 5663 / ASTM B637

Exceptional high yield, good corrosion resistance, tensile and creep rupture properties at temperatures up to 700C (1300F).

UK, US and European origin material only.

Fully certified material, additional testing available.

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Broder Metals Group hold 718 stock in sizes from 12.7 mm (1/2”) to 177.8 mm (7”). However, we can also convert billet to customer specific sizes or to fill in gaps between mill deliveries.

Chemistry Analysis (nominal percentages)


ASTM B637 / 718 AMS 5663 Heat Treatment

Solution TreatmentTemp ° FTemp ° CHold - hoursCoolPrecipitation HardeningTemp ° FTemp° CHold - HoursFurnace cool to ° FFurnace cool to ° CTotal time hoursCool

For more technical information download our 718 AMS information sheet here


Alloy 718 is prevalent within oil and gas and aerospace markets.

Ideal applications are:

  • within oil tools
  • gate valves
  • choke stems
  • fasteners
  • turbines
  • engine parts

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Broder Metals Group Certified To AS9120
Broder Metals Group Certified To AS9120