C70600 Copper Nickel Alloy Bar

A corrosion resistant material, offering excellent durability in sea water environments.

Broder Metals Group supply C70600 Copper Nickel alloy bar material with the intent of meeting the following relevant classes and specifications on the final product: Copper Nickel Alloy UNS C70600 Temper O60, BS 2874 CN102, ASTM B151/B151M C70600 90/10.

Fully certified material, additional testing available.

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C70600 Chemical Composition


C70600 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Mpa (min)Yield Strength at 0.5% Extension under load Mpa (min)Elongation in 4D length %

For more technical information download our C70600 information sheet here


Although widely used in marine environments, this copper nickel alloy is also used in domestic and automotive industries.

Key applications are:

  • valve components
  • pipe fittings
  • pressure vessels
  • condensers
  • brake lines
  • heat exchangers.

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Broder Metals Group Certified To AS9120