Def Stan 02-833 / NES833 Aluminium Bronze

A corrosion resistant material favoured for use in marine and offshore industries for valve components, fasteners and heat exchangers. DEF STAN 02-833 PART 2 ISSUE 2 GRADE 1 ALUMINIUM BRONZE.

Material of UK, US and European origin.

Fully certified material, additional testing available.

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Def stan 02-833 / NES833 Mechanical Properties

Tensile N/mm2 (min)0.2% proof stress N/mm2 (min)Elongation on 5.65 gauge length %IZOD Value J (min)
<15mm dia 68032517-
15mm - 25mm6803251724
25mm - 100mm6352951727
100mm + dia6202451523

For more technical information download our Def stan 02-833 / NES833 information sheet here


Because of its excellent corrosion resistance in seawater NES833 is used widely in marine environments. Abrasion resistance, non-sparking, strength and toughness in NES833 enables its use in:

  • safety tools
  • valves
  • fasteners
  • springs
  • gears and bearings under heavy loads.

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