MP35N AMS UNS R30035

Solution heat treated, cold drawn and aged bars: fully aged material for Aerospace, Medical and Motor sport applications.

UK, US and European origin material only.

Fully certified material, additional testing available.

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Broder Metals Group supply the high strength variant of MP35N in two conditions:

  • AMS 5844 – solution treated and cold drawn bars: useful for where the ageing treatment will make the material too tough to machine economically. Material in this condition is supplied with an ageing capability test result for ageing to be carried out after machining of the component.
  • AMS 5845 – solution heat treated, cold drawn and aged bars: fully aged material so the machinist does not have to carry out their own ageing operation.

 MP35N™ is a trademark of the following organisations– SPS Technologies LLC / Latrobe Speciality Metals / Carpenter Technology Corporation – and ATI 35N™ – ATI Speciality Metals 

MP35N™ AMS Chemical Composition

33 - 37%Bal19 - 21%`9 - 10.5%0.025% max0.15% max0.15% max 0.015% max0.01% max1% max1% max0.15% max

MP35N™ AMS Mechanical Properties

Spec (ageing time / temp) Guaranteed Minimum Properties
Acc to AMS 5844 / 5845UTS (ksi)YS (0.2%) ksiElongation % (4D)RA %HRC (max)
Full Strength26023083544
Reduced Strength (210 min yield)2202101045N/A
Reduced strength (190 min yield)2001901045N/A

Guaranteed up to 2″ dia only.

For more technical information download our MP35N™ AMS information sheet here


The high strength variant of MP35N™ is used in a wide number of occasions, particularly within aerospace for fasteners and airframe components. Other uses:

  • High pressure door fittings
  • instrument parts
  • actuators
  • seals
  • shafts
  • other components

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Broder Metals Group Certified To AS9120