MP35N UNS R0035 is a nickel-cobalt alloy which provides a unique combination of properties including ultra-high strength, toughness, ductility, and outstanding corrosion resistance, being used for fasteners and components in the medical, aerospace, and oil and gas industry.

  • AMS 5844 – solution treated and cold drawn bar
  • AMS 5845 – solution heat treated, cold drawn and aged bars
  • NACE MR 01-75 – sulphide stress cracking resistant material for oil field equipment
  • AMS 7468 – bolts and screws, forged head, roll threaded after ageing

Fully certified material, additional testing available

UK, US and European origin unless otherwise stated


MP35N™ is a trademark of the following organisations– SPS Technologies LLC / Latrobe Speciality Metals / Carpenter Technology Corporation – and ATI 35N™ – ATI Speciality Metals 

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We hold stock from 12.7 mm (1/2”) to 76.2 mm (3”), mainly in the optimum SCC (NACE) condition, along with selected smaller sizes of AMS material. Material can also be supplied as cold drawn tubing on a leadtime.

MP35N Chemical Properties

Balance (usually about 35%)33 - 37% 19 - 21%9 - 10.5%0.025% max0.15% max 0.15% max0.015% max0.01% max1% max1% max0.15% max

MP35N Mechanical Data

Spec (aging time / temp) Guaranteed minimum properties
Acc to NACE MR 0175UTS (ksi)YS (0.2%) ksiElong % (4D)RA %HRC (max)
Age 1300 °F / time 4 hours220210104051
Age 1350 °F / time 4 hours210200104051
Age 1425 °F / time 6 hours190180104051

For more technical information download our MP35N information sheet here


The high strength variant of MP35N™ is used in the medical and aerospace industry while material produced for optimum corrosion resistance properties is primarily used in the oil and gas industry.

Applications include:

  • fasteners
  • springs
  • non-magnetic electrical components
  • instrument parts
  • valve components
  • high pressure door fittings
  • actuators
  • seals
  • shafts and other components.

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